Laglio on Lake Como, Italy

Laglio - Lake Como, Italy

The following post about Laglio and the surrounding towns on Lake Como, Italy is by guest blogger Chiara from (photo is also provided by my guest).

Thanks to Chiara for the collaboration and the great information!

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Welcome to Laglio!

Laglio, a village located on the Como fork of Lake Como, gained a considerable amount of fame after actor George Clooney purchased a beautiful lakeside villa there.

Located to the north of Cernobbio, Laglio offers visitors absolute peace and tranquility, making it an idea destination for   those wanting to get away from it all and be immersed in nature.  From the village, there are many enjoyable walks which wending their way into the surrounding hills and woods.   Another good way to explore the area around Laglio is by bicycle.

Near to Laglio is quaint village of Brienno, which, with its medieval chracter, is well worth visiting. To the south of Laglio is the delightful town of Carate Urio, famous for its quarries, the stone from which was used to build many of the town’s houses.

What is there to see in Laglio itself? First of all, there is the baroque chiesa di San GiorgioChurch of St. George –  in the village centre.  This church features  impressive stucco and frieze work by eighteenth century Laglio resident Stefano Salterio.

Then, a short way away from the village, in the hamlet of Vergonzano, why not visit the late nineteenth century Villa Melograno, also known as Fasola, with its extensive and beautiful gardens.

In nearby Torrigia, a cave called the Buco dell’Orso Bear Hole – is to be found.  The cave got its name after remains of the Ursus Spelaeus or prehistoric cave bear were discovered there.


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