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What is PhotoShelter and why do I use it?

In case you don’t know, or even if you do….
PhotoShelter is an amazing website for photographers looking to store large amounts of photographs in archives on-line, sell their work as stock photography, and even to set up a portfolio. I use PhotoShelter to do all of these things. It is quick and easy to upload photos, add information, and set everything up.

I have another site where I sell my photography as prints, books, and cards… But with PhotoShelter I can put up even more photos and I am guaranteed a high quality image on my PhotoShelter website – the color quality is astounding! I do not lose color with the website images and I refer people to my PhotoShelter site first so they can see the quality of the photographs I take.

Plus PhotoShelter provides an incredible source of information. The newsletters are full of information about the photographer community, tips on how to improve your site and your photos, stories of success, and even news outside of the immediate community of PhotoShelter. I have also found out about portfolio reviews, industry headlines, and partnerships/collaborations between PhotoShelter and other companies through these newsletters. I have participated in portfolio reviews and found access to marketing ideas and tools that I did not know about before.

Please visit my PhotoShelter website to see more of my photography work and my stock images of Italy, Spain, New York City, Chicago, Prague, and more…

3 thoughts on “General Info”

  1. i enjoyed your photos. I used to live in Lugano, and worked at Franklin College. I am preparing to put my pictures on photoshelter, and in looking up Lugano, found your site. Several pictures from lugano, and morcote were in my show here in Santa Fe.

    I also use nikons, the d 300, d2x, and, most recently, a d3s.
    my best wishes.

    Are you pleased with the service and results at photoshelter. Any comments would be helpful.

    robert lewis

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      Lugano has a story book beauty to it.
      – In regards to photoshelter – it is a great site and very easy to use: they have great tips and editorials, newsletters… and they are always improving. I have never had a problem with them and I highly recommend using the site!

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