Cernobbio on Lake Como, Italy

Cernobbio, Italy

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Welcome to Cernobbio!

Cernobbio is one of the most popular resort towns on the shores of Lake Como.  Lying at the foot of Mount Bisbino, Cernobbio is famed for its abundance of beautiful villas.

The most well-known of these villas is undoubtedly the nineteenth century Villa d’Este, which was once home to Caroline of Brunswick, the Princess of Wales.  Nowadays, Villa d’Este is a luxurious hotel with a view overlooking the lake. Visitors come to admire Villa d’Este’s French and Canova schools art works, as well as the fruits of Andrea Appiani‘s decoration. The villa is surrounded by a magnificent park within which there is the Pellegrino Pellegrini nymphaeum, the Fountain of Hercules and the Temple of Telemachus.

Then there is Villa Erba. In the 1920s , this splendid 17th century Villa was owned by Carla Erba, the mother of film director Luchino Visconti.  Today, it is an prestigious conference center.


Also to be found in the area are the Art Nouveau Villa Bernasconi, Villa Pizzo, and also Villa Fontanelle which was once owned by the late Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Leaving from the town of Cernobbio and following a route which offers glorious views over the surrounding countryside and lake, it is possible to reach the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin which sits on the summit of Mount Bisbino at a height of 1300 meters.  Along the same 17 km long road are a number of caves, such as the 585 meter high Buco della Volpe – fox hole with its lakes and underground streams.  Then there is the Zocca d’Ass which is beneath the Alpe di Garzegallo mountain.  It is possible for visitors to enter the caves.


For more information on Lake Como and the lakes of northern Italy, and to learn about local festivals, shows, concerts, exhibitions and sporting events, visit the Italy blog (http://

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