Traveling in the Swiss Valley of Bregaglia – Part Five

Bregaglia Swiss Valley

Traveling in the Swiss Valley of Bregaglia continued – Part Five

Driving through the Swiss Valley of Bregaglia means you can stop at all of the adorable Swiss valley towns. Below I describe the main stops one should make. Enjoy the scenery and keep reading to learn about these charming Swiss towns. See previous posts to read about the towns of Bondo, Soglio, and Stampa.


A map measured by steps – literally

The town of Vicosoprano comes after Stampa and it is also extremely charming. Vicosoprano dates by to 1096 and is rather larger than the other towns. You will find it best to park in the large parking lot at the foot of the town, right off the main valley road again, and explore the town by foot. Vicosoprano is a town with bakery and dairy farm with the little grocery store selling the locally made bread. You can smell the sweet smell of breaking bread as it wafts through town but make sure to be ready in the store because the bread goes very quickly until the next batch of hot bread is ready for sale.

Walk down the main road in Vicosoprano and pass large Swiss houses that are dotted with many small windows. Notice the sgraffiti artwork along with some frescos on the facades of the houses. And one very neat fresco is that of a map of the valley with all of the towns listed and a note of how long it takes to walk to each town from Vicosoprano.

The main road leads to a square with a charming stone fountain, a church off to the right, and more houses. In the spring and summer time you will find the towns abundant with flowers, adding a great array of color to the valley towns. And if you explore a bit further and go off the main road in Vicosoprano you will find log cabin homes, more frescos, and a bridge leading over the river to more of the town.


So make sure to buy some freshly baked bread before you head up the road and drive on to St. Mortiz if that is your final destination.

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