PRAGUE – Alphonse Mucha – part one – Life and Work

St Vitus Cathedral stain glass by MuchaAlphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was a Czech painter, illustrator, and decorative artist. Often referred to as just Mucha, he studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and then in Paris. After freelancing and producing some advertisement and magazine illustrations, Mucha’s break came about due to the adored Paris actress Sarah Bernhardt, who was starring in Gismonda, and which needed a new poster advertisement. Mucha’s poster was so appealing that people stole the illustrated posters to keep. Due to the sensational success of the advertisement, Mucha was hired for a six-year contract with Sarah Bernhardt.

Mucha became known for featuring women in flowing garments and surrounded by flowers, and an Art Nouveau style. Aside from posters and illustrations, Mucha also designed jewelry, wallpaper, and theatre sets.

On returning to Prague, Mucha was involved in local projects such as decorating the Theater of Fine Arts. Mucha designed and painted a stained glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, an absolutely stunning window, which stands out from all the others. Mucha’s stained glass window looks like it was made just yesterday, the brilliance of the colors is astounding, and as always with Mucha everything is perfect – every detail, every face, every hand. That window is a must see!

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