Flying in Porto

Flying in Porto, PortugalPorto, Portugal – Story Behind the Photograph

This past summer I was walking across the Don Luis iron bridge in Porto, Portugal when I noticed a group of boys in front of me that stopped and put their backpacks down. As I passed the group, one boy placed his foot on a gap in the railing of the bridge; I kept walking. I realized those kids were going to jump. I quickly got off the bridge and got to a level where I could get a good view and hopefully a great photo. Crowds started to gather and watch as the kids climbed over the railings and one by one they jumped off the bridge into the river only to swim back to the rocky shore and run back up to the bridge to jump again.

I took many photographs of these kids as more and more showed up and gathered to join in the fun.

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Horse and Carriage in Sintra, Portugal – Story Behind the Photo

Horse Carriage in Sintra, PortugalHorse and Carriage in Sintra, Portugal

I took this photograph while in Sintra, Portugal. I was walking towards the Sintra National Palace and noticed a horse and carriage pulling into a shady spot just below the palace wall. I took a series of photographs as the carriage driver pulled in but this is my favorite shot as it shows the driver relaxing by smoking a cigarette and the horses resting in the shade.


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PRAGUE – Stories Behind the Photos

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Jan Hus Memorial in Prague

Photo of the Jan Hus Memorial in the Old Town Square in Prague.

The Jan Hus Memorial is impressive and I provide a few poster options because, being in the old Town Square, the sculptures can have various backgrounds.

Jan Hus was a philosopher and reformer in Prague whose martyrdom in 1415 became a symbol of strength against oppressive regimes. The monument illustrates victorious Protestants and Hussite warriors forced into exile; the monument also represents national rebirth. It is a powerful monument with dramatically elegant figures that are frozen in patina stained gestures of dissidence, strength, and triumph.

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Photograph of Chiesa di San Abbondio in Switzerland

Chiesa di San Abbondio in Switzerland

Chiesa di San Abbondio is a small church in Gentilino, a town just above Lugano, Switzerland. This church is probably not on the tourist map or in every guide book of the area but I think it is a must see. You can drive to the church from Lugano but I advise walking (my prefered way of getting around because you see more) because the initial impact of this church is best when you are walking. The church itself is not spetacular but the layout is – there are two paths that lead up to the church, each lined with Cypress trees. It’s a breathtakingly quaint spot.

I spent three and a half years in Lugano and I took more photos of this church than anything else. This photo shows the church after a day of snow and the cypress trees are casting long shadows on the white ground.

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Story Behind This Photo – Man in the Fur Hat

Man in a Fur Hat - SwitzerlandThe story behind this photograph…

Just up from Lugano, Switzerland there is a small lake, Lake Muzzano, between the little towns of Sorengo and Muzzano. Around most of the lake there is a walkway and a field where horses graze and then the path reaches a set of stairs that are flanked by a small vineyard. These stairs are very steep and once you make it to the top you can sit on a bright red bench, on a narrow ledge, and with your feet up on the railing and you can admire the view and observe as others climb the stairs.

One cold winter day I was sitting on one of those benches trying to warm up in the sun and I saw this man in a long winter coat and a fur hat, descend down the stairs. I lost sight of him at times (that is how steep these stairs are) but then he appeared and I took this photo.

One of my professors at my college said this image reminded him of a photo like Henri Cartier-Bresson would take – a high compliment that I do not feel worthy of but I do strive for a similar style as that great photographer!

That is the story behind this photograph.

Details: Black and white photo taken with an Olympus camera (one that they do not make anymore, sadly enough).

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