PRAGUE – Alphonse Mucha part two

Municipal House in Prague

— Seeing the works by Alphonse Mucha in Prague —

The Municipal House in Prague is a magnificent Art Nouveau building built in 1911. The building was used as the Royal Court Palace but now serves as a cultural center with two concert halls, restaurants, reception rooms, and more. The Municipal House is a building I highly recommend seeing!


Municipal House in Prague: Info and ticket prices

You can tour the Municipal House; the tour is wonderful and lasts about an hour and a half. It is best to buy your tickets for the tour ahead of time. Tickets are CZK 270 which is about 15 US Dollars or 10 Euros (be sure to check the exchange rates). * And you must purchase a special ticket (5 or 10 extra Euros) for permission to take photos inside!

The tour leaves the best room for last – the room that Alphonse Mucha designed and painted. Mayor Hall is a small room with a dome but it is the most impressive. The dome is painted so it is as if you are looking up into a cloudy sky with an eagle flying overhead and the edge is bordered with children peering down with smiles on their faces. The dome is held up with eight pendentives painted with historical Czech figures that symbolize human virtues: strength, militancy, maternal wisdom, vigilance, intractability, independence, faithfulness, and justice. Each of these paintings is exquisite. The room also includes three paintings that show a country’s suffering, strength, and looking towards the future.

Mucha designed the room, from the paintings to the windows to the decorative panels.

* For more information about the Municipal House visit the official website by clicking here.


Mucha also spent many years on The Slav Epic, a series of twenty paintings depicting the history of the Slavic and Czech peoples. These paintings are on display in Moravsky Krumlov, a chateau in the Czech Republic – which I plan to see one day!


Alphonse Mucha was a gifted artist who represented his country with pride in his paintings. You can see more of Mucha’s work at the Mucha Museum in Prague, another stop you cannot miss. Plus you can buy many posters in their great gift shop (I have four)!

* To see Mucha’s paintings in the Municipal House stock photography click here for my stock photography site.