Travel Tips for Porto, Portugal – Part Two


Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal – Part Two – Photography and Travel Tips

What else to see in Porto Portugal continues… I last spoke of the main sites to see by the river in Porto, and now I move up the hill and further.

1 – Cathedral of Porto– This is one of the oldest monuments in Portugal. The Porto Cathedral was constructed in the 12th century. The Gothic cloisters are beautiful as the entire lower and upper portions are covered in the classical blue and white Portuguese tiles, azulejos.

2 – Train Station of Saint Benedict– This train station is actually located within the historical center and even if you are not planning on taking a train from this station you need to visit it because of the azulejos – the blue and white tiles decorating the lobby. The tiles depict different historical scenes of Portugal in great detail. When I was there the tiles were in the process of being cleaned so I hope to return one day to see them in all their glory.


Heading outside of the historical city center there is still more to see!

3 – Livraria Lello – This is a bookshop that is a must see for it is considered one of the most beautiful bookshops in Europe! Again, no photos are allowed inside and unfortunately they do not even sell postcards that give the space enough credit so you need to stop by and see for yourself. Notice the tracks on the floor for the book cart – so cute! And if you just can’t wait and curiosity is eating away at you… click here for a full 360 degree panoramic view of the bookstore via a Portugal virtual tourist site.

4 – Walk down the Avenida dos Aliados to see City Hall as well as some magnificent buildings lining this broad avenue.  Also venture off onto the side streets to find local cafes and charming stores. A Vida Portuguesa is a wonderful store with a second floor of just Portuguese made goods that include wonderful soaps!

And… that is not all! There is still more to see which will be revealed in Porto, Portugal Part Three.


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