Bird Shows in Europe – Locarno, Switzerland


Bird Shows in Europe – Locarno, Switzerland

Looking to see birds of prey on your next European trip? Do you want a child-friendly activity that is educational and fun?

Visit the Locarno Bird Show in Locarno, Switzerland. Locarno is at the northern end of Lake Maggiore and is home to a spectacular bird show!


The Locarno Bird Show, or Falconeria Locarno, is an impressive one-hour show (performed twice a day). For the show, the audience sits in a large outdoor theater (which sits up to 600 people!). The audience will see an array of birds flying before them and over them. The show is in Italian and German, but even if you do not speak the language, the privilege of seeing these birds of prey is awe-inspiring.

The Locarno Falconry show has an unusual collection of birds that are not in the typical roster of bird shows. I saw birds that I have not seen before, including: the impressive bearded vulture, the adorable spectacled owl, and the powerful Steller’s sea eagle (one of the largest eagles in the world!).

If you are in the Locarno area, make a point of see the bird show!

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1 – WALK – The Falconeria Locarno is not far from the main downtown. You can reach the Falconeria by walking to the Castle in Locarno, past the castle through the Piazza Castello and up the Via A. Nessi street where you will see signs to the Falconeria

2 – BUS – You can also take the 311 bus from the train station in downtown Locarno and get off at the “Palazzo FEVI” then walk a few minutes to the Falconeria (follow the signs).

3 – For more information, see the website for a map and tips on how to reach them by clicking here:



Hours – Open 10am to 5pm (4pm in the winter)

Show Times – 11am and 3pm

Closed – Mondays

Prices – 25 Swiss francs for adults, 18 for children (ages 4-16), special prices for groups (*prices listed as of Summer 2017)

Website – For the official website click here.


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A Spectacular View of Lake Maggiore

Locarno, Switzerland with a view by Monica Goslin

— Get the view!

When traveling around Lake Maggiore go up to Locarno, Switzerland; which is a town at the top of the lake; and make sure to take two funicular rides to the top of Cimetta Mountain for a spectacular view! Take the funicular from Locarno up to Orselina where you can see the Madonna del Sasso (see below for details) and from there take the gondola to the top of the mountain.

The Gondola runs from Orselina to the top of Cardada (elevation of 1,340m or 4,400 feet) with a chair lift then available to the top, Cimetta at 1,671m or 5,482 ft.  From Orselina to Cardada it is 28 francs round trip and the chair lift is another 20 francs or so (prices as of summer 2012). Cimetta is the mountain in the Lepontine Alps above Locarno on Lake Maggiore.

*Make sure you go to the left when you get out at Cardada and walk to the look out point via a modern bridge that is suspended in the air and allows for spectacular views of the lake and valleys below (see photo above)!

–> For more photos of Lake Maggiore click here for travel photos by Monica Goslin on PhotoShelter


The main site to see in Locarno, Switzerland:

Madonna del Sasso – The sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso above Locarno is one of the main attractions and is still a pilgrimage destination. This Franciscan sanctuary was constructed in 1487. This sanctuary is where Brother Bartholomeo da Ivrea was said to have seen the Virgin appear. It is situated on the edge of the mountain and set against an impressive backdrop of mountains.

To reach Madonna del Sasso above Locarno, take the funicular (found to the left of the train station) which runs every half hour.

For details about the Madonna del Sasso click here for the official Swiss tourism website