See Paris with the “Paris Museum Pass”


Paris – the city lights, fashion, the baguette, macarons and… art!

Visit Paris and you will inevitably visit the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe and more. I recommend getting the “Paris Museum Pass” to avoid the long lines, save money and visit a few extra places just because you can!


WHY get the “Paris Museum Pass”?

1 – It can be used in over 50 locations (museums, churches, main sights and hidden gems!) and yes, it is not possible to visit that many places in one visit, but the card is worth it!

2 – The pass is available in 2, 4, or 6 day options.

3 – Skip the long lines at the entrance and go to the lines for ticket holders or pass holders. There might be a little line, but not as long.

4 – The Pass comes as part of a pocket size pamphlet, maps, and information on ALL locations included plus opening times, address and descriptions.


Things to Keep in Mind:

1 – The pass does not include temporary or special exhibits

2 – If you are a student or under 18, many museums and monuments are already free, so you don’t need the pass!

3 – Most museums and monuments are closed in Europe on Mondays (sometimes Tuesdays as well) – so keep that in mind for when you activate your card


COST of the “Paris Museum Pass”

2 days is 48 Euros

4 days is 62 Euros

6 days is 74 Euros

*Think about it – if you go to the Arc de Triomphe, Pompidou, Louvre, Notre Dame, O’rsay, Rodin Museum, Sainte-Chapelle, and Versailles (the top sights) that equals = over 100 Euros!

**Prices as of June 2018


WHERE to buy the ““Paris Museum Pass”

1 – You can order online

2 – Purchase the at the Paris Tourist Office at 25 rue des Pyramides, Paris 1st (open 10 to 7)

3 – Buy it at your first museum

4 – Some hotels do sell the card, but often there is an extra fee involved


*For more information visit the official site here:

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