Cable Car ride to Albigna Dam – Switzerland

Bregaglia Swiss Valley

The Bregaglia Valley in Switzerland adventures continued… Part Six

Apart from all of the lovely Swiss valley towns to see in the Bregaglia Valley there is also hiking, rock climbing, biking, and more. To read about the Swiss valley towns see previous posts or click here to read about the town of Bondo or click here for more information about this Swiss Bregaglia Valley.


Cable Car ride up the mountains

Another great activity to do while visiting this area is to ride the cable car up to see the Albigna dam and Albigna Lake. Soon after the town of Vicosoprano the road starts to have more switchbacks and there is a dirt parking lot to pull into where you can park and then walk over to the cable car building. The cable car is very small, it probably only fits about 6 to 8 people, and if you are not good at heights this will be terrifying for you as the car goes up to 2,163 meters elevation (7,097 feet). For those not afraid of heights this is a spectacular ride and on a clear day you can see all the way down the valley.

The cable car takes you to the foot of the Albigna dam, one of 150 dams in Switzerland! The dam was built in 1959 as a hydroelectric station. You can walk up to the dam and along the dam edge, again getting more great views of the valley and the Lake Albigna on the other side. From here there are numerous hiking routes available.


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