Happy New Year! 2011

Grapes for New Year's EveHappy New Year!

Why are grapes the chosen photo for this post? Well, I have spent a few New Year’s Eve nights in Spain and the traditions involve the usual dinner with family and parties with fancy dresses and champagne. But, the unique portion of the evening comes at the stroke of midnight when everyone has to try to eat twelve grapes with each stroke of the clock, and if you succeed, you will have a good year! It is not terribly easy to swallow 12 grapes and usually you end up laughing at everyone around you trying to stuff grapes in their mouths in hopes of beating everyone else and to obtaining the right to a wonderful new year!

What is your New Year’s Eve tradition?

* Update to this post! – This was written New Year’s Eve, before the big Spanish tradition… And I am proud to report that I was successful in eating all 12 grapes! So this year should prove to be a lucky one!