Visiting Bergamo, Italy Part 2

Bergamo, Italy by Monica Goslin

Visiting Bergamo, Italy – Part Two: The Baptistry, Castle and Park, and how to get there

Bergamo, Italy is the epitome of a charming medieval town and modern city combined. Bergamo has a big city feel in the lower city where traffic is crazy; locals are having boisterous conversations with plenty of hand gestures, modern art exhibits and operas, and the general rush of big city life. While the upper city is a medieval maze of cobble stoned streets, charming cafes, grand piazzas and castle ruins.


What to see and do in Bergamo, Italy – Part 2 (for more of what to see in Bergamo see part one).

The main tourist attraction is the upper city or “Citta alta” situated on a hill above the city.

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5 – The Baptistry – Next to the Chapel and the Basilica is a delicate, octagonal Baptistry from the 14th century. I have never been inside and I am not entirely sure if it is ever open to the public.

6 – Bergamo Cathedral – The Cathedral is white building catty-corner to the Basilica. The Cathedral of Bergamo is dedicated to the patron saint of the city – Saint Alexander. The current Cathedral dates back to the 17th century and the neo-classical façade is from the late 19th century. The interior is elegant but seems very toned down compared to the chapel and the Basilica.


7 – Rocca – The Castle of Bergamo – The castle can be reached  by going up a steep narrow street to the right of cable car station (there is a small sign pointing to the castle but you will only see it if you are looking for it!). The main part of the castle is actually a public park so you can see a good deal of it for free! Plus make sure to walk around the entire park for panoramic views of both the upper and lower cities of Bergamo!

8 – Another Cable Car – If you walk to end of the “citta alta” you will find another cable card (through the old city gate and to the right) which takes you up to another small hill with more panoramic views of the city of Bergamo. You can also veto the cable car and simply walk up to the hill, which takes about 15 or 20 minutes.


How to get to Bergamo’s “Citta alta”  – You can reach the medieval city by a cable car for just a few euros (best to by round trip ticket and there is no designated time on the ticket) or by foot. It is not advisable to drive up and into the upper city as parking is extremely limited and you would spend more time trying to find a spot then seeing the city.

How to get to Bergamo – The city of Bergamo is about an hour away from Milan by train or car. For train schedules and fares visit Rail Europe. Bergamo airport is right by the city as well, officially named Orio al Serio.


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