How to make it a stress-free holiday trip!

Tourist in Salamanca, Spain by Monica GoslinTravel tips are always useful and with the holidays coming up there will be more traveling, more flights, and more packing to prepare for and which is always stressful. But with the right advice you can have an easier holiday. Allen Delper has an incredible list of “50 stress-free tips for the clever holiday traveler.”

Two tips that I find particularly useful in the list:

Tip #6 – Go with a color palette – This is certainly a good idea as it limits how much you pack and guarantees that you will wear everything you pack; there is nothing worse then packing items that you just bring along for the holiday but that you don’t actually wear.

Tip #7 – Limit your shoes – Always true but hard to follow! And to add to this tip, never bring a new pair of shoes on a long holiday unless you pack band-aids as well!

There are also great pointers for traveling during the holidays and what to do with gifts and how to pack them. Also see the tips for traveling with kids.

Overall this is a useful check list for preparing for holiday travel. Click here for the entire list by Allen Delper on “50 stress-free tips for the clever holiday traveler” and make your next trip stress-free!