Visiting Hellbrunn Palace

Salzburg Austria

What to see outside of Salzburg, Austria

Okay so you have seen the sights of Salzburg (and if not, please see previous blog post for info on what to see!). Now… it is time to go outside the city and visit:


Hellbrunn – Palace and Trick Fountains

This is a most amusing outing to make, and yes you did read that correctly, “trick fountains.”

The Palace was built as a summer palace by the Archbishop Markus Sittikus, 400 years ago. However, this is not just palace, it is a palace built for the amusement of the archbishop who invited guests and then played tricks on them! During the tour (yes you have to take a tour, but the guides have a great time and you will see why) you will see what looks like an outdoor dining area surrounded by fountains only to find that if you were a guest seated at that table you were bound to get soaked while your host laughed at the head of the table – dry and amused. The trick fountains continue on with caves full of surprises, jumping water, a carnival of water and more. Enjoy the house, see the gardens, and you might want to wear a bathing suit.

The Hellbrunn Palace also includes a visit up the hill to the Volksundemuseum – Folklore Museum. This is a charming gem of a museum with examples of traditional costumes, hats, dresses, shoes, toys, art and more. It is a little museum but oh so fun!


Hellbrunn Palace also houses the “Sound of Music” Pavillion where the song “I am 16 going on 17” was performed. If you walk all the way to the entrance of the gardens, not far from the road you will find the Pavillion.

To read more about the Hellbrunn Palace and the trick fountains, click here.


**For photographs of Salzburg click here and find photos, prints, and canvas prints of Salzburg.



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