Mountains in Innsbruck – Seegrube


Mountains in Innsbruck

I highly recommend taking an afternoon to climb a mountain while in Innsbruck. It’s not as strenuous as it sounds, I promise. Use the Hungerburgbahn funicular to get from the city center to Seegrube Station at 6,250 feet! Put your Innsbruck Card to good use here as well!


How to get there:

  • From the city center, follow the Inn River, North and when you see a large public park on the right called Hofgarten, the Congress Station in on your left.
  • The station looks like melted spaceship, designed by Zaha Hadid, you can’t miss it.
  • You’ll go underground and buy tickets at the ticket booth – the maps and brochures explain your options. But you can buy a ticket for just this funicular or you can continue on to the next cable car to reach Seegrube Station. There is even one further cable car past Seegrube Station!
  • Choose your destination and purchase your ticket.
  • The well-mannered station with clearly designated lines, waiting area and boarding zone means you don’t have to know German to figure out where to go
  • The ride is stunning, starting underground and climbing like a rollercoaster, passing over the river on a bridge designed solely for the funicular. Then the car starts to climb the mountain until you arrive at Hungerburg station – another melted spaceship formation.
  • From Hungerburg station, exit and walk around to the right for the next cable car ride if you are going on to Seegrube.
  • This cable car is the traditional car, passing over trails, a few homes (lucky them!) and finally eases into the Seegrube Station at 6,250 feet.


Seegrube Station sits right on the edge of the side of the mountain… that doesn’t make sense, but when you see it, it will. There is a café with picnic tables right on that edge, chairs, and then the beginning of hiking trails in the summer and skiing runs in the winter.


Seegrube Panorama Trail

For an easy walk, take the Seegrube Panorama Trail. In 25 minutes you’ll circle a small hill by the station, getting great views (there are benches along the way as well so you can sit and admire the valley below). Plus you’ll feel quite accomplished while not overly exerting yourself.

There are more vigorous trails, daring rocky paths, and of course hang-gliding and paragliding options. I did see a man prepare his hang-glider and then take a running start, which actually just consisted of about five steps off of the Seegrube edge I mentioned, down a small incline and off he went!

The station and mountain are part of Nordkette, Austria’s largest nature park, Karwendel Nature Park. So enjoy the views, take a leisurely walk, eat at the café, climb a mountain, ride the cable car and more!

For more information on hiking/sking/visiting in Karwendel Nature Park visit the photos alone will make you want to go!


For more travel photography of Innsbruck, Austria click here for Monica Goslin Photography – photos available as framed photos, canvas prints, and more.


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