Stampa – Swiss Valley of Bregaglia – Part Four

Bregaglia Swiss Valley

Traveling in the Swiss Valley of Bregaglia continued – Part Four

After visiting the towns of Bondo and Soglio, the next stop should be the small town of Stampa.

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The pink castle of Stampa

You will know Stampa by the pink castle that you can see from the main driving road that runs through the center of the valley. The pink castle of Stampa is called the Palazzo Castelmur and was built in the 1700’s with the addition of the Moorish style structure in the mid 1800’s by Giovanni Castelmur. Mr. Castelmur was born in Stampa but raised in Marseille where the Castelmur family owned a pastry shop. The pink castle in Stampa is now a museum that shows how the Castelmur family lived and has a room recreated to look like the family pastry shop.

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The town of Stampa also runs over the main road of the valley with the Ciasa Granda on one side. The Ciasa Granda is a massive building that dominates the roadside, it was built by Giovanni Stampa in 1581, renovated in the 1950’s and today houses a museum about the valley as well as housing works by the Giacometti family. Stampa is the home of the famous Swiss artist family, Giacometti. Hours for the museum vary and there is a rather large lunch break when the museum is closed.


After Stampa there is the small town of Borgonovo, which is literally one road but dotted with more cute houses.


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