Traveling in the Swiss Valley of Bregaglia – Part One

Swiss Valley Bregaglia

Traveling in the Swiss Valley of Bregaglia – Part One

Traveling throughout Switzerland is always like traveling through a postcard, everything is pristine, beautiful, and perfect. One of my favorite places is the Swiss valley between Lake Como and St. Mortiz called Val Bregaglia in the Graubunden canton. The Val Bregaglia is a picturesque valley lined with mountains and dotted with charming Swiss towns.


The Bregaglia valley is in the Canton of Graubunden, which has the coat of arms of an Ibex with horns. The Ibex is a wild goat that lives in this mountainous area and they are known to be very agile and good climbers. When traveling through this canton you will see the symbol of the ibex goat on flags, painted on houses, above doorways, and even sculptures that adorn sidewalks or that stand guard in front of houses.

Interesting fact: The Bregaglia valley is the source of origin for the Rhine, the Inn, and the Po Rivers which all run to different seas.


Swiss Architecture

You will see traditional Swiss architecture in the Bregaglia valley and a unique feature to the area known as sgraffiti artwork. Sgraffiti artwork refers to the patterns you see around windows and doors; it is a pattern scratched out of the still-wet wall and usually only made with two colors. The sgraffiti technique originated in Italy and was brought to the Bregaglia and Engadin Valleys in the 16th century. The technique is still used today and you can see it on newly built houses. (The Engadin Valley is the valley where St. Moritz is located).


How to get to this Swiss Valley – Val Bregaglia

The Bregaglia Valley can be reached most easily by car. If you are staying in Lake Como and renting a car you drive towards St. Mortiz and go through the valley before ascending the 13 hairpin of the Maloja pass that leads to St. Mortiz.

You can also take the Swiss Postal bus, but I would highly advise taking medicine if you are prone to getting carsick! From the town of Menaggio on Lake Como, the bus ride directly to St. Mortiz is about 3 hours long. For schedules and bus fares click here


Check back for more blog posts about the towns you can visit in the Bregaglia valley!

* For photographs of the Bregaglia valley towns, mountains, and more click here for Monica Goslin Photography where you can also buy prints.


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