What to see in Doylestown, PA

Doylestown, PA
Doylestown, PA

What to see in Doylestown, Pennsylvania  – great activities for kids too!

 –To see travel stock photography of Philadelphia and Doylestown, click here for Monica Goslin Photography


Mercer Museum

If you visit Doylestown, PA you should definitely stop at the Mercer Museum, which is a great activity for kids and ideal for history and architecture enthusiasts.

Henry Mercer was a historian and anthropologist in the early 19th century. Mr. Mercer was a leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement who collected more than 30,000 items from tiles to wagons to clocks to a whaleboat. Henry Mercer designed and built the building that is now a museum. The structure is 6 stories, made of concrete and houses artifacts that represent early American trades such as shoemaker, farmer, blacksmith, and printer.


Mercer Museum Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10-5  and Sunday 12-5

Mercer Museum Ticket Prices:  Adults $12, Seniors $10, Children ages 6-17  $6


Foothill Castle

The grand building that make-up Foothill Castle was completed in 1912. Foothill Castle is unique in many ways: the structure has 32 stairwells, 21 chimneys, 18 fireplaces, an elevator, and 10 bathrooms for only 5 bedrooms. The house holds more of Henry Mercer’s collection including over 6,000 books, 900 prints, and decorative tiles; many of those tiles are of his own design.


Foothill Castle Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5

*Guided Tours only (last tour at 4pm)

-The guided tours are wonderful and give you a lot of information!

Foothill Castle Ticket Prices: Adults $12, Seniors $10, Children ages 6-17  $6


Moravian Pottery and Tile Works

The tile factory buildings are just beyond Foothill Castle. You can visit the shop and see the factory where tiles are still made.

These three buildings are all poured-in-place concrete buildings. It is said that Henry Mercer lost some of his collection of medieval armor to a fire, and designed these buildings of concrete due to its fireproof properties.



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