Where to Eat in Turin, Italy

Turin Italy Eataly blog by Monica Goslin

FOOD in Turin, Italy

Like most places in Italy, Turin has fabulous cuisine.

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The chocolate of TurinThe Gianduiotto is the famous chocolate in a triangle shape and is made with hazelnut paste that was invented in Turin in the late 18th century. The name for the Turin chocolate comes from Gianduja, a character that represents Piedmontese, the region known for hazelnut confectionery.

-Fun Fact – Nutella, which is made with hazelnut paste, was originally called Pasta Gianduja


Where to Eat in Turin, Italy

Turin has a similar cuisine culture of Spain with tapas; you will find many restaurants offering a drink with a few plates of appetizers for a few hours before an actual meal is served. A few restaurants and cafes in Turin have a buffet of appetizers and allow customers to return more than once to fill their plates. Some other locations in Italy have this custom as well, like Florence.


Eataly – – Eataly is a high end Italian food market that started in Turin! You can visit the Eataly market in Turin when going to the Car Museum since it is not far from the metro stop (Lingotto metro stop). I highly recommend making this one of your destinations when visiting Turin!

Eataly started in Turin in 2007 and occupies a building that used to be a vermouth factory, and in fact there is a small museum with the history of the factory on the 2nd floor. You can wander around the market to see fresh fruits and vegetables, have gelato or coffee at the specialty sections, or choose one of various restaurants to have lunch or dinner, or go down stairs to select your favorite bottle of wine.


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