Visiting Turin, Italy

Turin Italy blog by Monica Goslin

Visiting Turin, Italy – travel blog – Part One

Turin, Italy is a beautiful city with grand buildings and sidewalk cafes and fashionable locals. Turin has miles of arcaded streets (said to be 11 miles of arcaded streets!) to keep you in the shade on sunny days and dry during torrential downpours. The city of Turin is full of plazas that are lined with cafes so you can sit back, have a coffee and a piece of the city’s famous chocolate while you people watch. Turin is a stunning city that is not overrun with tourists and a pleasure to visit.

* To see more photography of Turin, Italy click here for Monica Goslin Photography


How to get to Turin

The easiest and fastest way to get to Turin, Italy is by train from Milan. Keep in mind that Turin actually has two main train stations; Porta Nuova is the main train station that is central to the historical downtown area. Porta Susa is before Porta Nuova and is outside of the main downtown area.

*Take the super fast “LeFrecce” train from Milan to Turin and the train ride is only 1hour and 15 minutes! Fun Facts about the super fast “LeFrecce” train in Italy:

–      The trains are extremely comfortable

–      TV monitors show the train’s progress on a map as well as updates on arrival time and train speed. The train conductors get very excited when the train reaches top speed of 300 km/hr or 186 miles/hour, shown to flash across the TV screens.

–      Currently the faster trains are offered to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, and Bologna, cutting travel time in half!

Click here to visit the Rail Europe website for train times and ticket price info.


Insider Tip: Right across from train station Porta Nuova is Piazza Carlo Felice, which is where you want to start seeing the city of Turin. You will then continue around the Piazza to Via Roma which is the main street that leads to the main sites.

Once in Turin, the main attractions are easy to walk to. However for further destinations you can use the metro which is easy since there is just one metro line! You can buy tickets at newspaper stands


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