Innovative and ingenious Hungarians!


The innovations of the Hungarians


The innovative and ingenious Hungarians!

The Hungarian people are incredibly innovative, having created and discovered many things that you might not even realize! Below is a brief list of some of those incredible feats and inventions by the Hungarian people:

Ballpoint pen – invented by Laszlo Biro a newspaper editor

-Rubik’s Cube – invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik, a Hungarian professor of architecture and a sculptor

Plasma television – invented in 1936 by Kalman Tihanyi, who also invented the thermographic camera (1929) and the modern cathode ray tube (1928)

Vitamin C – discovered by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who also created the first artificial vitamin

-Telephone exchange/switch board – invented in 1877 by Tivadar Puskas

Transportation – Budapest tram lines are one of the busiest traditional tram lines in the world and the metro (yellow line) was built in 1896, making it one of the oldest in the world after London’s metro which was built in 1863. (New York City’s underground subways opened in 1904).

The funicular in Budapest that goes up the Buda Castle, was the second in all of Europe, the only other one at the time in the 1870’s was in Lyon!

Wagon/Coach – the English word for wagon/coach comes from the Hungarian word “kocsi” based on “Kocs” which is the Hungarian village where coaches were first made!


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