Budapest, Hungary blog travel series


Budapest, Hungary blog travel series

This is part one of a five part travel blog series on Budapest, Hungary. I have been to Budapest twice and each time I went back to the main sights and on my last trip I discovered some new places to visit. Read this post for some transportation tips and stayed tuned for a new post on Budapest every week in February 2013!


Getting around in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary has an extensive public transportation system with buses, trams, metro and trains all of which are easy to use. In fact the Budapest tram lines are one of the busiest traditional tram lines in the world and the metro (yellow line) was built in 1896, making it one of the oldest in the world after London’s metro which was built in 1863. (New York City’s underground subways opened in 1904).

Most of the main sites to see in Budapest are within walking distance of each other, however if you go to City Park, I recommend taking the metro. When riding the metro or trams in Budapest you can buy one way tickets at ticket booths or newsstands and make sure to stamp you ticket (small red boxes by metro and tram stops) before getting on the train as tickets are often checked.

Also when riding the metro in Budapest pay attention to when your stop is and exit the metro car quickly – I noticed that the metro doors in Budapest are only open for about 10-20 seconds!


*Insider Travel Tip for visiting Museums and Sites in Budapest – When buying tickets for museums and sites in Budapest you can buy a photography ticket, which allows you to take photographs within these sites.


For photographs of Budapest, Hungary click here for stock photography by Monica Goslin, and you can also buy prints!



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