Visiting Lake Maggiore


Visiting Lake Maggiore – Part one of three


Rocca di Angera – Castle on Lake Maggiore

Italy is full of castles that you can tour, and one impressive castle is at the Southern tip of Lake Maggiore, Rocca di Angera.

The Rocca di Angera castle was purchased in the late 14th century by the Visconti family and was later sold to the Borromeo family in the late 15th century. The Borromeo family still owns the castle today! The castle has five main areas built from the 12th to 14th centuries. Climb the Main Tower to see panoramic views of the lake. You can explore all areas of the castle and lastly you should visit the Toy Museum for an exhibition of dolls, toys, books, and games from the 18th century to today.

To read more about each section of the castle click here for the Rocca di Angera tourism website.


* Click here to see more travel photos of Lake Maggiore by Monica Goslin on PhotoShelter.


Hours and times for visiting the Rocca di Angera castle on Lake Maggiore: The castle is open from late March to late October from 9am to 5:30pm. Tickets are 8 Euros for Adults and 5 Euros for kids (prices as of summer 2012).


How to reach the Castle on Lake Maggiore and ferry schedule info:

You can reach the castle by car. From Milan airport it is about an hour drive to the town of Angera where you will see the castle and road signs. There is a good deal of parking at the foot of the castle.

You can also take the train from Milan to the Arona station and then a ferry boat to Angera. Arona is the town across the lake from the castle and Angera is the town below the castle.

For the ferry schedules on Lake Maggiore, the best website to use is the official navigational website where you can look up schedules for Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Garda – click here for the website that is available in English.


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