Old Fish Jazz Band in Switzerland

Old Fish Jazz Band in Lugano, Switzerland

Old Fish Jazzband in Lugano, Switzerland

While visiting Lugano, Switzerland this past summer I happened to catch the beginning of the street artist festival – summer is full of many odd but interesting and fun festivals all throughout Europe, from large cities to small towns. So in addition to seeing a magic show, an acrobatic duo, and a man balance on a pole while doing tricks with hula-hoops, I happened to pass a waterfront café that featured live music from the Old Fish Jazzband.

The band was on a small stage right next to the railing and overlooking the water, and with the mountains in the background it created quite a setting. All members sported a uniquely casual, southern style with faded pants, collared shirts, a few striped socks, thin suspenders, a couple of fedoras and a old newspaper boy cap. The ragtime jazz music floated through the air in a jumble of notes that made you tap your foot and smile at the happy tunes. Without a director the musicians of the Old Fish Jazzband seemed to play off each other and their joy in the music was evident from their grins and their playful performance.

* Listen to a music sampling the of The Old Fish Jazzband by clicking here


To see more photos of Lake Lugano click here for travel stock photography by Monica Goslin on PhotoShelter


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