Shopping in Lugano, Switzerland

Shopping in Lugano Switzerland by Monica Goslin

Where to Shop in Lugano, Switzerland

Stores and especially groceries stores tell you a lot about an area, and in Lugano, Switzerland there are a few stores that are fun to go in and see how the locals do things.

Visit the large department store of Manor (located off of Via Pessina) or COOP (located on Via Nassa). These department stores are several floors and include grocery stores in the basement level, clothing and house items on other floors, and a restaurant on the top floor. If you are looking for impressive Swiss organization and elegant displays, check out Manor’s bakery section at the grocery store level!


Plus these are the best stores to find all kinds of Swiss chocolates which is where you will find many a local standing and staring at the rows of chocolates trying to decide what to buy. The only other busy section of the grocery store, other than the chocolate aisle, is the cheese aisle in Switzerland – truly a show of local color. I recommend getting the Lindt brand which never disappoints, and keep in mind that Lindt releases a holiday chocolate that is amazing, so if you happen to be in Switzerland in the winter, make sure to get that limited time holiday chocolate (you will recognize it by the wrapping).


For more photos of Lugano, Switzerland click here for travel stock photography by Monica Goslin on PhotoShelter

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