Visiting Downtown Lugano, Switzerland

dock on Lake Lugano by Monica Goslin

Visiting Downtown Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland is a unique location with a mix of Swiss and Italian cultures, so you find a pristine setting that runs like clockwork (classic Swiss time management is true!) and yet you will see lively Italian conversations and enjoy Italian food.

Walking through the main downtown of Lugano you can get lost in the twisty streets, but make sure you find Piazza Riforma (main piazza) that is bordered by City Hall and a row of restaurants. Main events, performances, and a big jazz festival start in Piazza Riforma.

Notice the Vanini café on Piazza Riforma where you can sit and have a cappuccino and a slice of cake while people watching.

When visiting Lugano, you have to walk along the lake – I recommend starting at the Parco Civico, the large public park which has immaculate landscaping, even in the winter! And then make your way out of the park, pass Piazza Riforma and continue on to Paradiso, which is a neighborhood/town right next to Lugano. The lake walk is right by the water, giving you the best views, and is shared by bike riders so beware. You will find plenty of opportunities to sit and admire the view at one of the many red benches that line the pathway. Classic Swiss red benches are always stationed in parks, hiking paths, and along sidewalks. Once you notice them you see them everywhere!


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