Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa

Henry B. Plant Museum photo by Monica Goslin

Visiting the Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa, Florida

The Henry B. Plant Museum is housed in what used to be the Tampa Bay Hotel in 1891 and is now a National Historical Landmark.


A brief history of Henry B. Plant

Henry B. Plant founded the Plant Systems of railroads and steamboats, bringing the railroad to Tampa, Florida in 1884. Plant built a transportation system over 20 years that included over two thousand miles of track, 14 railway companies, steamship lines and hotels. Mr. Plant not only connected cities along the Atlantic seaboard but also extended small railroads to provide better connection across the state of Florida and to the North. Tampa became a port for steamships to Havana as well! To read a short biography of Henry B. Plant, click here for the museums website page with the information of Plant’s life and how he started the business.


Henry B. Plant built the Tampa hotel which still stands today, only now as a museum and part of the University of Tampa. The hotel was built in the style of a Moorish palace and opened in 1891 with 511 rooms.  Most rooms had baths, electricity and telephones, which was quite a unusual in that day and age!


To see more photos of downtown Tampa, Florida click here for travel stock photography of Tampa, Florida.


You can visit the Henry B. Plant museum and see rooms decorated as the hotel would have been, and see more artifacts and information about Mr. Plant.

Henry B. Plant Museum Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Saturday Noon – 5pm

CLOSED on Mondays


Admission for the Henry B. Plant Museum is:

Adults $10

Seniors $7

Students $7

Children $5 (ages 4-12)

*Admission tickets current as of August 2012


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