Trish’s Treats – authentic, old-world-style cookies

Trish's Treats - old world style cookies for sale online

Trish’s Treats – authentic, old-world-style cookies made with only the finest ingredients

When traveling, one of the best things is discovering the local foods and specialties and tasting new things. When traveling in Europe one finds desserts to be not only beautifully presented but also distinctly delicious and not overly sweet. And one downfall of returning from a trip to Europe is finding that food at home doesn’t taste the same, not as fresh…


Well I had the pleasure of being the photographer for a new online store, Trish’s Treats, which provides old-world-style cookies. So if you are looking for a taste of homemade cookies that remind you of that trip to Vienna or that café you ate in Paris, try Trish’s Treats!


And of course I not only took the photos but I tried all of the cookies as well! I highly recommend the lintzer cookies that have a layer of jam! Plus the chocolate heart cookies are absolutely delicious, while the Russian Tea Cakes go perfectly with a cup of coffee. But don’t take my word for it, order some Trish’s Treats cookies and taste for yourself.

All of the cookies by Trish’s Treats are wonderful, and if you don’t know what to order get the variety. That way you can get a tin full of samples of each kind of cookie and decide yourself which is your favorite (or favorites)!

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