The Soave Castle in Italy

The Soave Castle in Italy by Monica Goslin

Visiting the town of Soave, Italy and seeing the Castle

Soave is a small town in Northern Italy, not far from Venice. The area is dense with vineyards and small rolling hills dotted with castle ruins.

The town of Soave is very charming and still a walled city (the wall was built in 1379!). The town passed through numerous main Italian families from the Scaliger family to the Visconti and the Carraresi, and was even under French rule for a few years until officially becoming a part of Italy in 1866.

** For more photos of Soave Castle by Monica Goslin click here.


The main sight is the Castle of Soave

–  The castle is at the top of a small hill overlooking the walled city. You can reach the castle by foot or by car.

–  Three different walls enclose the castle; the outer wall with the gate and drawbridge were built in the 15th century.

–   You can walk freely around the castle, entering three different courtyards and visiting the “house” which has been carefully restored. The house includes artifacts and frescos; one of the frescoes is from the 13th century, depicting the Crucifix between Magdalene and the Madonna.

–  You can climb on a portion of the castle wall and up one of the towers which gives you a great view of the walled city below and the surrounding wine country.

You can also visit the Santa Maria dei Domenicani church on the way to or from the castle. The church was built in the 15th century and has some interesting frescos.


The town has a lovely main street as well and some of the best gelato I have tasted at the main gelato/café!

*If you like castles this is a great stop to make (good for kids too)! Also if you are a wine aficionado the general area might be of great interest to you as well.

– Soave can be reached by car. Soave does not have a train station.

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