What to do in Venice – Part Six

Murano Island by Monica Goslin

What to do in Venice – Part Six: Visiting Murano Island and seeing the famous Murano glass


Murano Island and Murano glass

If you have time and an extra day when you travel to Venice, Italy you should plan on visiting Murano Island.


How to get to Murano Island from Venice:

You can get to Murano Island by taking a water bus (vaporetti is the Italian word for these water buses), which is cheaper then hiring a private taxi boat, but it takes much longer as you have to go through all the stops along the way. With a private taxi boat you can cut through the city of Venice to get to Murano Island, whereas the water buses are too wide for the canals and have to go around.

Tip for getting to Murano Island – Some hotels provide a private water taxi boat to Murano Island for free!


A brief history of Murano Island

– Glass factories moved to the Island of Murano in 1291, when the Venetian Republic ordered the factories to move from the city of Venice, fearful of possible fires in the city.

– It is estimated that by the 16th century, more then half of the island’s population was involved in the glass trade.


What to see and do on Murano Island

– You can visit various glass studios and factories on the island and watch the artisans at work.

– Visit the Glass Museum for a historical view of the development of techniques and designs in Venetian glass.

– Church of Santa Maria e San Donato – This church was built in the 7th century and rebuilt in the 9th century. The mosaic floor dates back to 1140.


*To see more photos of Murano Island and Venice, Italy visit Monica Goslin Photography and purchase a print by clicking here!

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