What to do in Venice, Italy – Part Five

Venice, Italy Gondola Ride by Monica Goslin

What to do in Venice, Italy – Part Five: Gondola Rides


Take a Gondola ride in Venice, it’s a must!

You can haggle for the price of riding a gondola in Venice and you can also determine the length of your ride as well (which will inevitably affect the price). But seeing the city of Venice by boat, and not on a crowded water bus, is a requirement to truly experience the city. Plus, gondoliers will tell you about the city and point out historical buildings (part of their training) and they most likely will sing for you as well.

To give you an idea of the price for a gondola ride – a 30 minute ride is about 80 euros.


The modern day gondola design was developed in the 19th century. In the early 20th century, gondolas had small cabins on them for passengers to sit in and more then one rower.

Gondolas are hand made and made up of 280 pieces of 8 different types of wood. Gondoliers are trained in not only rowing, but languages, and knowing Venetian history. My first ride in a gondola, it was rowed by a third generation gondolier!


Tip for riding boats in Venice – Taking a private water taxi is well worth it as well. With a private water taxi you do not have the crowds of people. You can also haggle a bit on the price.


Like the above photo of gondolas in Venice, Italy? Click here for Monica Goslin Photography to purchase a print and see more photos of Venice!


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