Getting Lost in Venice

Venice Italy by Monica Goslin


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Getting Lost in Venice, Italy

Other then the main sights of Venice, it is certainly worth it to wander around and get lost (just make sure you have a map for when you do lose your way). You will see more of the city and get away from the crowds if you wander off of the beaten path.


Even the locals get lost in Venice – I went to Venice for Carnival one year and the hotel ended up being overbooked, but they kindly found a new hotel for me and the doorman set off to show me how to get to the new hotel. After taking a few left turns and crossing a couple of bridges, I realized he was lost. The doorman of the hotel asked a few locals for directions, even a few tourists pitched in, and everyone would look at the map and suggest a different route which always included crossing a bridge. In the end we found the hotel but needless to say anyone can get lost in Venice.


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