What to see in Venice – Part Four

Venice, Italy Rialto Bridge by Monica Goslin

What to see in Venice – Part Four: Rialto Bridge


4 – Rialto Bridge – Another must see location in Venice! It is always extremely crowded but obviously worth the visit. For my first visit to Venice, 9 years ago (wow! How time flies!), the bridge was crowded but I remember the stores having more original products (and I seem to remember food stands with fresh fruit as well), this time around it was much more touristy. The bridge creates a steady stream of foot traffic, so if you have kids keep a tight hold on their hands.


– A brief history of The Rialto Bridge – The Rialto Bridge is a foot bridge that crosses the Grand Canal. In 1255 a wooden bridge was built, with a movable section for tall ships to pass through, and two rows of stores were added to either side. The wooden bridge was damaged in a fire and collapsed on two different occasions before a stone bridge was considered and finally built and completed in 1591. So today you walk across a bridge that has stretched across the Grand Canal and provided goods and stores for over 400 years!


*The photo in this post shows a group of tourists taking to the Grand Canal and passing under the Rialto Bridge via surfboards?! A new fun and inventive way to see Venice! — Purchase this photo as a print or see more at Monica Goslin Photography by clicking here.



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