What to see in Venice – Part One

Venice, Italy by Monica Goslin

Visiting Venice, Italy – Part One: The Bell Tower

Venice, Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations. Whenever I think of Venice I think of the movie “A Little Romance,” one of my favorite films. The city really is the epitome of romance with its Gothic architecture, the canals, bridges, grand villas, and gondolas.


When to travel to Venice – This past year was my first time visiting the city in the summer, my other visits have been in the winter and during Carnival. I must say I would stick to keeping Venice as a winter travel location as the summer draws even more crowds; plus the heat is unbearable and shade is hard to find as there are so few trees in Venice.


What to see in Venice, Italy – Part One

San Marco Square – you can’t go to Venice and miss this central square. From the square you visit the main attractions of Venice:

1 – St. Marks Campanile – the bell tower on San Marco Square. You can take an elevator up to the top where the five bells are located and get wonderful views of the city and on a clear day you can see the other islands including Murano. Ticket price is 8 Euros (as of summer 2011).

A little history of the bell tower in Venice – The tower dates back to the Romans and was repeatedly worked on and reconstructed after several fires, damages from an earthquake, etc. In 1902 the tower completely collapsed into ruble! It took ten years for the tower to be reconstructed in its original form.


– Fun Fact about the bell tower in Venice – Each of the five bells was wrung for a specific purpose: to announce the beginning and end of the work day, to announce noon, to mark a session of the Senate as well as to call members to meetings, and to announce executions.


The next post will be about St. Mark’s Basilica with fun facts, photo tips and more!


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