What to see and do in Stockholm – Museums Part One

Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

What to see and do in Stockholm – Museums Part One

These are museums you shouldn’t miss while in Stockholm. The key is to pay attention to opening hours. I was surprised to find that even though summer days are longer in Stockholm (light until about 10 or 10:30pm) that museum hours were still short, typically 10 or 11am to 5pm. I did find it a bit difficult to get to everything in a few days, but if you have 3 days, make sure you get to the Vasa Museum!


Vasa Museum – It’s not “just a boat.” This museum attracts thousands of visitors and is truly a must see. The museum displays the Vasa, a 17th century ship that sank in 1628 on her maiden voyage and to see the sheer size of the boat is astounding.

* Make sure to watch the video about the excavation of the boat.


A few key highlights about the Vasa:

– The boat was submerged for over 300 years.

– Only 5% of what you see is not the original boat!

– Heavy cables where drawn under the boat and used to move it into shallow waters – done in 1957 when divers wore those enormous and cumbersome suits.

– The ship was lifted out of the water in 1961, 333 years after sinking!

– Conservation teams began working on the ship and it’s contents in 1962 and took 17 years to completely uncover items and carefully preserve the boat!


*Arrive early to the museum, right when it opens. The museum is one of the main tourist attractions and tour buses galore drop off groups, seemingly all at once.

— Hours are 10 to 5 Monday-Sunday  (Open until 8 on Wednesdays).

— For updates and more information, click here and visit the official Vasa Museum website.

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