Stockholm, Sweden – Old Town

Stockholm, Sweden's Old Town


Old Town of Stockholm – what to see and do


1 – Old Town/Gamla Stan – This is the historical old town of Stockholm. You have to visit two churches in the Old Town and the royal palace (details below); otherwise you have to wander around and just admire the buildings. The Old Town has a few main squares with charming buildings and fountains. Seeing the old town in the late evening is best, after museums close. There are a lot of great restaurants in the Old Town as well.


2– Royal Palace – There are five museums/sections that you can visit of the Royal Palace. If you are interested in Baroque architecture you can visit the main palace rooms, including the Hall of State where you can see the small silver throne of Queen Kristina. You can also visit the treasury, Museum of Antiquities, Tre-Kronor Museum, and Armory. Plus you can see the changing of the guards.


* Tip – If your visit to Stockholm is more then a couple of days you can take an entire day to just see the palace. Personally, I only had time to make a quick run through the palace rooms and visit the chapel (walking at a quick pace and reading signs here and there, took about an hour). The palace is a good activity to do when it is raining.


3 – Stockholm Cathedral – The Cathedral was built in 1279 and has an interesting interior with painted archways, exposed brick, and beautiful stained glass windows. One main point of interest is the sculpture of St George slaying the Dragon located at the front of the church. The sculpture of Saint George is carved out of oak and elk antlers make the dragon look quiet spectacular (the sculpture was completed in the mid 15th century).


4 – The Riddarholmen Church – This church has beautiful stained glass windows with some traditional Swedish scenes. The church was built in the late 1200’s and it holds the tombs of the Swedish monarchs and aristocracy.


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