Flying in Porto

Flying in Porto, PortugalPorto, Portugal – Story Behind the Photograph

This past summer I was walking across the Don Luis iron bridge in Porto, Portugal when I noticed a group of boys in front of me that stopped and put their backpacks down. As I passed the group, one boy placed his foot on a gap in the railing of the bridge; I kept walking. I realized those kids were going to jump. I quickly got off the bridge and got to a level where I could get a good view and hopefully a great photo. Crowds started to gather and watch as the kids climbed over the railings and one by one they jumped off the bridge into the river only to swim back to the rocky shore and run back up to the bridge to jump again.

I took many photographs of these kids as more and more showed up and gathered to join in the fun.

To see more photographs of these kids jumping into the Douro River in Porto, Portugal click here to see my stock photography site.

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I love to travel and I love taking pictures.

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