Castle of Manzanares in Spain – travel tips

Manzanres CastleThe two months of Spain continues. In these two months I am covering both main cities and smaller towns.

Manzanares el Real is a small town not far from Madrid. I went to Mazanares one winter and reached it by car, so this is another easy day trip to make from Madrid.

Manzanares is home to the Castle of Manzanares el Real, which is a 15th century castle that is very well preserved. You can tour the entire castle which also includes a small museum.

The castle is set on a hill that over looks a lake. When you enter the castle you enter a small courtyard and then into smaller rooms. You can immediately go up one of the towers and walk along the castle wall to the other towers, which is quite fun! On one side of the castle there is a covered walkway between towers with dramatic archways that frame the views in interesting ways. There is a small museum that explains the history of the castle, a few artifacts, and a larger courtyard in the center. I suggest walking around the perimeter of the castle once you are done touring the inside; the castle is small so this doesn’t take long but it is a great way to see all of it and admire the views.

The castle at Manzanares is just like a fairytale castle!


Travel tips:
1 – It takes less then an hour to get to Manzanares from Madrid by car.

2 – For entrance fees and hours for the castle click here.

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