Avila – Medieval Festival info and photography

A month of Spain continues with Avila, part two!
Avila, Spain - Medieval Festival
As stated in the previous post, I have been to Avila multiple times and one of those times included a trip to the annual Medieval Festival.

The Medieval Festival (held in early September) in Avila is quite elaborate and includes activities such as archery shows. With the background of the old city wall, the festival comes alive and transports the spectator to a delightful reenactment of the past.

During the Medieval Festival you can pass through the city gates that are draped with flags for the occasion and find yourself in streets crowded with stalls. You will find stalls selling fresh cheese, fresh bread made right in front of you in an old firewood oven, meat, and fresh spices. There are also stands run by people in full costume, making crafts, selling beaded necklaces, carving wood, making clay pots, and you can watch a glass blower and an iron-smith.

I visited the Medieval Festival for a day, but I would definitely go back and stay for the archery show and falconry events. Where else can you step back in time within a real fortified city?

*For more photographs of the Medieval Festival in Avila visit The Monica Store!

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