What to see in Boston – part one – BEACON HILL

Whale Tale

One of my favorite spots in Boston is Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill is a small but dense area that is crowded with townhouses, old lampposts and iron fences. You can stroll down the main shopping street (Charles Street) and find antique stores, a few coffee shops, and an adorable deli with baskets of food out front. Stray off of the main street and you will climb steep hills lined with mostly brick townhouses. During the winter the bright red and blue doors add color to the gray days; while holiday wreaths, garlands, and holly decorate the flower boxes to add a festive air to the already picturesque scenes of Beacon Hill.

Pay close attention to the doors for they all have different door knocks. One candy apple door has a gold door knock in the shape of a whale’s tale. Another townhouse requires visitors to lift a gold horseshoe and tap the door with its weight. And yet another house has a noble gold lion as a guard and one must use the ring in the lion’s mouth to ask for permission to enter.

Walking through Beacon Hill you stumble upon details, happen upon a private park, and hope for a glimpse of New England life through oval windows and wobbly stained glass.

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