Photography of New York City – Snow 2010

This past week brought rain, sleet, and snow and by Friday someone had shaken a snow globe over New York City. The snow fell for over 27 hours and was compared to the storm from 2006, a snowstorm I remember, as it was my first snowfall in the city.

On Friday, the 26th of February the snow fell steadily and blanketed the streets creating a winter wonderland. About 8 inches fell in my neighborhood and while anxious to get out and see the city covered in white and looking momentarily pure and clean I waited.

Saturday and Sunday proved to be cloudy but free of more snowfall and a trip to Central Park was essential to see those reported 18 to 20 inches.

Snow in Central Park

Walking through Central Park after a snowstorm, you will find the paths are remarkably clear. There are countless snowmen of all shapes and sizes, some with carrots for noses others with sticks, some with scarves or tophats, and the occasional snowman seated on a bench. If snowman building is not for you, try throwing chunks of snow into one of the many ponds in the park, all of which are frozen over; there is no age limit on this therapeutic activity. Wandering up to the reservoir is a must, at any time of the year really. And of course there is sledding. A popular hill appears to be at the East 72nd entrance, where you can find a gaggle of parents and kids lined up at the top of the hill, waiting their turn to slide down the hill in bright plastic disks and screaming with glee and perhaps a touch of out-of-control terror. Watching the sledding is just as entertaining as participating.

So for now the streets have snow along the edges, there are a few elegant patches on potted plants, long edges of snow above townhouse doors, and the winter wonderland of Central Park. See it before it melts!

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