Photography of Prague – Secret Gardens

Secret Gardens in Prague

What to see and do in Prague – Secret Gardens

You go to Prague to see:

-Prague Castle
-Walk over the Charles Bridge at sunset
-Visit St. Vitus Cathedral
-Watch the Astronomical Clock on the hour
-Plus various meals and coffee, dining on traditional Czech food
*And now, hopefully after reading my blog – Visiting the Mucha Museum and the Municipal House.

And in addition to the above list, there are the gardens. Prague has many gardens, some are easy to find and visit and others are difficult to find and truly secret gardens.

 There are a series of gardens belowPragueCastle. You can enter one and continue on into the others – they are all connected by passages and doors that if you were not looking for you would miss entirely.

— Small and Great Palffy Gardens are the first gardens which have many terraces and stairways to each level. It is worth the hike up to the top where the view of the city becomes increasingly expansive with each terrace.

From the first garden you can enter the second garden by going to the right of wall on the second terrace and passing through a small doorway, which will make you feel as if you are intruding onto a private garden, but you are not. Here you will find another stairway that leads up to a small fountain with lily pads. Behind the fountain are another staircase and more terraces.

— The last garden is the Ledebur Garden, which has unusual paintings covering the ceilings of a building on one end and a fountain with a statue of a giant at the other end.

— And of course there is the Royal Garden, that is part of the summer palace (you have to cross a bridge from Prague Castle to reach the summer palace). The Royal Garden is said to hold a singing fountain – the fountain in front of the summer palace. In order to hear the music you have to get very close to the fountain and almost touch your ear to the rim, if you close your eyes it helps to imagine that it is singing.

** I would add a visit to these gardens to the above list of things to do in Prague!

For more Prague gardens stock photography visit my stock photography site.

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