Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2009

The holidays are fast approaching (pardon the cliché) and that means there are even more tourists in New York City ; it’s the place to be for the holidays because this city has some of the best decorations! Now some might say that the must see things are the Macy’s windows, the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue, or the tree at Rockefeller Center. These are all very festive, but for me the holiday decorations that I have to see every year are the windows at Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue.

Bergdorf Goodman always has elaborate windows that literally take your breath away with the amount of detail, hard work, and imagination that go into them. And the holiday windows seem to be the most outstanding of the whole year (but honestly if you go any time they are spectacular!).

This year the windows on the south side of the building are a black and white tribute to winter weather. An impossibly long piano is being played by a wolf in a tux; penguins and polar bears grace the walls, and the mannequins are gracefully dressed.

On the east side of the building the magical land of “ Alice and Wonderland” comes to life. There is one window where everything is made of paper – from the dodo bird to the tree to the larger then life book with a dining table jutting out of it. Another window is a tribute to not only Alice ’s upside down journey but also to M.C. Escher – little rooms cover the wall and staircases twist and turn in every direction. Another window creates a world of crystal and glass.

Ostriches with elaborate bird cages on their backs; horses made of moss, pebbles, and dried plants and long tails of sweeping grass flank a mannequin with an amazing dress. The north side of the building features animals with intricate perfection and again, incredible imagination with the use of materials.

And across the street there is more! The Bergdorf Goodman men’s store windows have some of the original scenes and figures from the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” The amount of detail is amazing – just look at the street scene – you can see into the stores, the windows have curtains… These windows have affirmed the fact that this is a movie to see.

And honestly… the Bergdorf Goodman are the best windows to see in New York City! Don’t miss it! These windows should be mentioned in guidebooks for New York City, that is how amazing they are!

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