Photos of the Hispanic Day Parade in New York City

New York City has many parades, one of which includes the Hispanic Day Parade. Although this parade was the 12th of October I have just posted the photographs I took on my stock photography site (pardon the delay, still getting the hang of blogging).

The parade was amazing to watch and beautiful to take photographs of. Waves of people walked up Fifth Avenue, proudly representing their respective countries, waving flags, wearing traditional costumes, and dancing. My favorite group was Bolivia (yes, I am a little partial due to the fact that I was born there but… still). The Bolivians wore the most colorful and bright clothes, they performed dances with great enthusiasm and they were simply dazzling.

Take a look at my Hispanic Parade stock photography by clicking here and let me know which costumes are your favorite or which photograph you like the most.

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I love to travel and I love taking pictures.

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